Installation Photo

Dimension: Screen (10'W, 9'H) Light Sculpture (4.5'W, 7.5'H)

Material: Projection on screen, speaker, acrylic tubes, concrete, spray paint, LED strip, sensors, Arduino

State Diagram

Example State Diagram

The project futher extends on the idea of doors, particularly the gateway that reaches into virtuality.

Upon entering the gateway, the viewer will be brought to one of the several “spaces” realized via projection, sound, and interaction.

One of such spaces is the “Meadow,” which originated from one of my visions, depicting a strange meadow that turned into a disastrous tsunami.

The “Membrane” is an audio space, where depending on the location of the viewer, the sound output from the speaker will change accordingly, thus creading an “invisible membrane” that exists in space via the perception of sound.

Installation Photo

"Space: Meadow"